The DigiScrap Parade

If you are into digital scrapbooking like me, you should definitely bookmark The DigiScrap Parade! For August their theme was “on this day” and they had 35 awesome and amazing scrapbook artists linked in their quarterly parade giveaways! I’m pretty sure I grabbed every single one, and they are an awesome part of my digital hoard.DSparade-Banner__Aug2016

Using the awesome kits from The Digital Press and Wishing Well Creations contributions, I created my kids birth pages. My new goal right now is to print a big family scrapbook for Christmas, and this was honestly the perfect way to start. It really stoked the fires of me getting back into scrapbooking!

For my first page I used the journal cards from The Digital Press tiled around my son’s weight photo. The “hello” card was a tad bit shorter than the size I wanted my photo, so I added a matching gray rectangle behind the card to lengthen it out. I was going for sort of a subway tile effect in the way of cards and photo. The name card was made to match the “TODAY” card by using KG Let Her Go font, which is what I had on file that I thought was an almost perfect match. I then created a separate layer in Adobe Photoshop where I selected my text and colored in each letter in a corresponding pattern. I wasn’t as fond of the peach color in the “Today” card on top of the blue I chose, so I substituted in the light gray that matches the journal card. After I filled in my text I selected the letters by pairs and slightly enlarged them to match the off set style.

Gabriel Born 3The paper in both pages is using Wishing Well Creations confetti from their kit on either the white or blue background and tiling it to fit my liking. For Emilio’s paper I chose the matching blue particles in photoshop and changed them to white so it could match the style, and I wasn’t losing any of the confetti effect by losing the light blue colored pieces. The “Hello” card from Gabriel’s layout didn’t match the size I needed for Leo’s page, so I created my own card using a speech bubble shape I have and adding the text in the same matching gray color on top. The hearts were made using the same technique as the name cards, but using the heart shape in Adobe’s collection instead of a font.

Emilio Born 1

I would love to see your birth stories and pages or photos! You can see my children’s birth stories here.


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