Emilio’s Birth Story

Leo was a surprise and planned all at the same time. Gabriel was turning two soon, and I knew that I wanted him to have a sibling closer to his age. Knowing that we had a hard time getting a pregnancy to stick with Gabriel, I figured if we started trying soon, it’d be another year or two before I had Leo. Well I’m just going to get very real and let you know the minute I took out my IUD, I was pregnant. It still took me a month to realize I was expecting, and I was in denial for probably another couple of weeks with raging hormones,  but man my body now knew what it was doing and it was quick to start cooking a new baby! I always know when I’m pregnant because I start to get angry and cry at stupid things. The minute the tears hit, it is like a big fat light bulb. “Oh! I must be pregnant!”


Leo’s pregnancy was so much easier than my other 3 pregnancies. I was morning sick for the first few months, but it eased up and went away after the fourth month. This was such a huge relief because with Gabriel, I was sick the ENTIRE time. I remember carrying around a big ole’ Hawaiian scented candle to help me not vomit in stores whenever I’d pass a funny smell. There were times with Gabriel’s pregnancy I needed a trash can in a blink of an eye because the wind blew a funky smell just right. What a relief that with Emilio I was off the hook. He was such a normal routine pregnancy that the exams and checkups were even a breeze. I would go in, say minimal answers to my midwives and then be out the door within minutes. The only downside, is I was BIG really fast. I didn’t need maternity clothes with Gabriel’s pregnancy until my last 8 weeks. With Leo, I needed those stretchy pants and big shirts well into my 20 weeks of pregnancy. Leo was way more active than Gabriel too. Every ultrasound we would go to with Gabe, he seemed to be sleeping. With Gabriel’s 3D scan (we needed extra observations for a kidney that had looked funny) the ultrasound tech literally was bouncing and shaking my belly so hard I thought I was going to pee, because she needed him to move. Oh that was a crazy experience. Leo on the other hand was always moving, stretching and he had hiccups almost every day at the exact same time. That sensation is so unique and weird. I started to get uncomfortable around my 8th month of pregnancy where I had really “popped” out and was waddling along to everything. Then I started getting insomnia, and I was DONE. Please come out baby! Luckily, just like my first pregnancy Leo decided that he’d arrive a little earlier than his due date. Not quite as early as Gabriel, but a good 4 days before I was ready to cry about it.

Emilio Born 1

My kids seem to like starting labor in the middle of the night. I remember laying in bed, not being able to get comfy even with a mountain of pillows to prop and push me into various positions. I decided around 11:45pm to get up and just work for a bit, get some orders out of the way so maybe I could sleep in the next day while Manny was at work. At around midnight I could feel the distinct contractions deep down in my pelvis. They weren’t painful though, just a tugging and vibrating feeling where I lost my breath for a minute. I remember thinking “Crap, I have to finish working NOW. I need to be able to close up shop!” So without waking up my husband, I sat on our big rolling chair and finished out some orders while I timed my contractions on some post it notes. Finally around 12:45 my contractions were exactly 10 minutes apart for a solid half an hour. I knew that last time they seemed to accelerate after this, so I woke up the Husbeast and let him know I was in labor. It took 3 tries to get a hold of the midwife on call that night, and after talking it out with her, we decided to wait a bit longer to see if they’d get closer together sooner. So I finished another order while timing the next couple of sets. Once they finally got to 8 minutes apart and they started to sting a little, I called again and said “I want that labor tub, I’m going in now.” The labor tub is such a blessing. It is literally in my top 5 favorite inventions ever, and I will never ever labor without it.

Leo Little Brother

Getting to the hospital was so much calmer than my first baby. We knew what to expect, we knew where to go. Even in Triage, it was so calming and easy to answer the stupid questionnaire you have to go through and get my IV of antibiotics for GBS. That tub was every bit of magic as I remembered too. By now, around 3:30am I was having contractions 5 minutes apart and really needed that hot hot water. The next two hours were spent quietly monitoring the baby’s heartbeat and just focusing on labor. All I could think of though while my contractions got closer together is “Oh no it’s going to hurt” over and over while reliving my delivery with Gabriel. Sure enough it started to get “real” and I knew I was ready to push. After 5 hours of labor and 10 minutes of pushing I had my second baby boy. I was so shocked when they passed him to me as he was completely opposite of his big brother. He had dark dark hair and looks just like his daddy. Day and night I thought, I have one of each. The mexican genes won this baby haha. Do you have babies that look the same? Or do your babies look different like mine? Are they a mash up of you and your partner, or do you have little mini-me’s?



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