Let’s be friends!

View More: http://noblephotographers.pass.us/bell-familyHello there! I’m so happy to meet you!               My name is Samantha and I am a self taught Graphic Designer, mother of two rowdy boys, and passionate in showing you that you can marry life and business together with some creativity and hard work. Hard work sounds scary right? It totally is sometimes, but let me tell you it is so worth it! I’ve been proving myself wrong AND right for the last 3 years by running my own home business, and expanding my hobbies every day. What you’ll see here in my blog is my chaotic family life, some personal rantings and ravings, and of course my new scrapbook adventures.


I’ve embraced the digital scrapbooking technique, since I of course am a digital designer, and I might start playing with my tools to create and start my own tiny little passion shop. What that means for you dear followers is that YOU are totally my guinea pigs in whether or not you like what you see, freebies I’m going to give out, and your feedback is super important! So come look around and let me know if my style and personality clicks for you!